May 25, 2016- Fathom Cruise

Visiting with the teacher was so inspirational- partly because she was delightful, but also because her dedication to God in this mission to train children and adults in the way of God and His love for the children. The responsibility of parents who learn to attend church once a month so that their child can attend the school- is motivated by the children/youth who insist on attending the school. Parents have improved behavior because their child reminds them whom they do things unbecoming to God. She has many “hats” but all her responsibilities is based on God’s unfailing love. I pray that she will have the support she needs to continue this amazing calling and I am blessed to know her.
Chris Dial
Crystal River, Florida

Besides getting to see the church that my pastor, Jeff St Clair, helped build, the highlight of my day was being surrounded by middle school boys. They were excited to see and talk with me in English. They even sang me a song about Jesus in English.
Joan Vanderbilt
Mandarin UMC Jacksonville, Fl

Today we were in Santiago at IED. We came to help with some repairs. The joy and blessings was working alongside other missionaries, church members, and our guide and driver. All working together to accomplish Gods love through action.
Pam Rosenburg
EO Hospitality

Loved working side by side with other Christians to help a church in Santiago. Even some locals jumped in to help. This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Carol Vereb and Becky Tramonte
Windermere, Florida

Really good day. Felt good work on a project that helped the church. Lunch was wonderful. God is great!
Linda Harmon

What a terrific day! I felt so loved by the children as well as the adults. I especially loved talking to Kendys and learning about all she has to do. She is a very dedicated and talented teacher. My wish is to keep in contact with her. God has blessed us with this help.
Ann Cruikshank Bradenton, Florida

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