May 14, 2013- Take a Step Outside

The past week we had our first group of the summer, a group of pre-med students from the University of Florida Virology Club. The group opened doors for us to meet many doctors in the area and form new friendships. Though we have done medical clinics in the past with missionaries from the states, for the first time (with us), a group of Dominican doctors and pharmacists got together to do a medical clinic in Los Cocos. The students were given the opportunity to shadow the doctors and learn about Dominican health. The students had prepared health education on cholera and shared information in Cuesta Arena, Los Salados, as well as on Radio Emmanuel, a Christian radio station here in Santiago. Throughout the week we visited the universities to visit the cadaver lab and learn about the process to become a doctor here in the Dominican Republic. The students learned a lot about the Dominican health and culture and got a different perspective on what it means to be a doctor.

We now have two weeks until our next group of missionaries arrive. We are taking this time to plan graduation, enroll new students for the school next year, prepare for three weeks of VBS this summer, as well as preparing Cuesta Arena for the construction of the second floor of the school this summer. This week as I was out in Cuesta Arena, I was standing at Herman’s house across the street from the school. For those of you who do not know, Herman is the main reason we work in Cuesta Arena. Now grandfather to many and great-grandfather to students in the school, Herman prays daily for his community. As I stood just outside his house, I looked across the street to the school with the children playing outside and thought how much his view has changed. In 2008 the property contained a small pavilion and up until September the buildings were present but quiet and unused. Now, he sees children playing, learning, and most importantly experiencing God’s love. He told the teacher he misses the noise of the children playing when the school is closed for holidays. Last night in my women’s bible study, we talked about the power of continuous prayer for a location. Herman’s faithfulness and continuous prayer for his community is being answered. All he has to do is step outside his house and see the answer to his many years of prayer.

We are excited for this summer and for the new and returning groups coming to work along side us. I want to continue to express my gratitude for the support of the many who have made this change happen. As we look forward to a new year, new parents, new families, and new homes to enter into, we are grateful for the opportunity to walk along side these families.

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