March 14- Domingo

This past Sunday was a major political day for Santiago. The president was here and everyone in the PLD party. In the main streets, in front of the church, thousands of people gathered to be apart of the politcal parade. Everyone was dressed in purple and red and flags were flying. Franciso, the pastors husband, is running for diplomat in the PLD party. Though there are normally signs with this picture up, Sunday there were hundreds. We watched from TV since the crowds can be dangerous as the parade took place. The family cheered as Franciso’s car made an appearance and he sat atop it waving his hands. It was very exciting for the family. These political parades will become more and more frequent the closer it comes to May’s elections. Fransico works numerous hours a day on his campaigne and I have seen 3 cars now with his face painted on! It is very cool to be apart of a political family. When I lived in Mexico, my “papa” was running for Mayor. It was exciting to be apart of that but that was only on a city level, not nearly as grand as this is. Hopefully I will get to go to the congress building in Santo Domingo.

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