March 10- Dia de Los Pastores

Today is the day of pastors, a celebration of everyone who is a pastor. Felicidades (Congrats) to all pastors. Yesterday we drove to Gasper Hernandez to meet with one of the pastors friends to get ideas for a black light theatre show that we will be doing for the Wednesday of Holy Week. We then went to the office to get some papers finalized on the birth certificates for the family of Edman (Herman’s real name that apparently I misunderstood). A couple of his children, Guillermo, Hermania, and Johny, want to go to school but since they never had birth certificates made they can’t apply for the university. We are starting with the first generation and working our way down. We encountered a few problems like Hermania being born on April 31 when there is no April 31. Slowly the processes is coming along.
We stopped by Mami’s house in Sabeneta de Yesica and had some of her good cooking and played with Dinouli, mi novio. Monday afternoon, Sairy took us to a natural pool and some caves that she used to go to when she was a little girl. It was beautiful and a fun treck through unknown territory in the back of a pick up.
We drove on to Cabarette and checked into our hotel, the same hotel that Sairy worked at for years. It was right on the playa and was an all inclusive resort. We walked on the beach, shopped and enjoyed dinner and a show.
Today we got up and picked up her brother and went back to Gasper Hernandez to pick up the papers then headed back to the hotel for lunch and some relaxation on the beach.While Jocelyn and I were walking, we encountered a pack of horses running down the beach toward us. We stopped in our tracks and the horses ran all around us. It was very cool.
Tonight we got back just in time for prayer at the church with members and the leaders. They are doing a “series” on prayer and tonight was the different prayers in the service. It was neat to see the group discuss the importance of prayer and how to pray and why they needed to pray. Unlike most times it was a group discussion instead of a lession. The group seems to grow each week and is exciting for me to understand more and more each week.

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