March 1- Haiti

We set up the clinic this morning and passed out 230 numbers within a couple of minutes. About an hour after we got started I was downstairs in the waiting area holding a baby that has an infection in both eyes and is hungry. His mother couldn’t quiet him so I took him and got him to sleep. Apparently everyone felt a tremor and the people freaked out and stampeded toward the one person gate that was open. Alll 230 people!! They got stuck in the doorway and couldn’t get out. The trampled the old and then young to free themselves. I had no idea what was going on so in the midst of the mob I held on tight to the child whose mother took off and headed against the crowd away from the door. By this time I figured out that they had felt something but figured if the building was going down I couldn’t get out anyway so I headed away from the door.
Once we got everyone out of the building, we then had the issue that no one wanted to go back in the building…a frequent thing in this society right now. Many if they sleep in a structure they sleep by the door so they can easily get out. They are terrified all the time that the building will collapse. The government has checked out this building and we had no structural damage (it was a small tremor, again I didn’t even feel it on the ground floor) but we now have to move the clinic out to a tent because no one will enter the building.
The amazing thing is their faith. In the midst of their terror, they are calming themselves by singing How Great Thou Art. God is moving in this country in ways He was never able to do before. Continue to pray for these people as we are not only healing medical wounds but also spiritual and psychological fears.

Apparently it was 4.6 aftershock that we felt.

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