Mar 18- another day

Today we got up and worked out and when we got home the electricty and the water was out in the city. We went to the court house to continue the work on the birth certificates for Edman’s family. There are so many issues and problems. I learned today that they have had the documents they have just always been wrong. One of the brothers, Francisco (there are two), is listed as Fransisca and a female. Hermania is said to have been born on April 31. We got the proper documents printed in Gasper Hernandez last week but now we have to go to Moca to do something else and essentially get them changed in Santo Domingo where all the documents are kept. Sairy’s is even wrong and lists her as Soiry and her birth date a month later.
Apparently the birth certificates weren’t given in the hospitals and were given later and this is where the issue is. Even now only some of the hospitals give the birth certificates. What a mess!!
We also went to talk with someone about making Renewed Hope an organization down here. It will only cost about $130.
This afternoon we went to Frank’s soccar game (he’s in a tournament). I have never really been interested in soccer before but I can see the excitement the world has in it. I have a lot to learn. How many yellow and red cards can be given to a person in a game? to a team?
Tonight we headed to the church and it was pouring down rain. We were sitting downstairs and noticed a leak coming through!! Not good when we just put in a new tile ceiling. We went upstairs and it was flooded!! The new roof leaks along the edges and a couple of spots in the middle. Not only that the windows in the tower leak as well!! When we went outside, the new flower beds were flooded as well. Freddy and Daisy came to the rescue and all the youth grabbed mops and brooms. We have to figure out what to do about the roof!!!
The youth worked on their panomime for the Wednesday of Semana Santa. It is going to be one powerful service. I think we are also going to do prayer stations for Good Friday!! I told her about the ones that I wrote for Ocoee Oaks and she loved them so it looks like we are doing the 7 lasts words of Christ with prayer stations! I’m excited to see how this culture responds to the stations!!
One more day down and only a few more weeks to go! I can’t believe how the time has flown!!

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