Levi- Round Hill- July 10, 2014

To say the least, so far this trip has greatly fulfilled our hopes and desires to use our gifts and talents to help construct various structures for the school as well as create lasting friendships with those whom we’ve met. While helping build in Cuesta Arena, we had the opportunity to meet and socialize(to the best of our Spanish abilities) with many of the locals in the area. We became close friends with many of the children as well as the adults who graciously helped with our mission work that will be benefiting the entire community of Cuesta Arena.

Before departing on our mission, we were given many words of advice to consider while working hard and as a team, but also to enjoy the many experiences and opportunities that will be offered. One quote of advice in particular was to “be sure and stop and smell the roses”. However, this has not been the case thus far. We instead have been able to spend more time with our new friends while stopping and tasting the many fresh fruits and other delicious snacks. The eldest local in the area of Cuesta Arena, also being the father and grandfather to many of the people, is German(Her-mon). Throughout the work day, often times German would make his way around the job site carrying various fruits and vegetables for us to try, many of which he had grown or picked locally. We have been given many mangos, papaya, passion fruit, coconuts, sugar cane, bananas, plantains, lemoncillos, yuca, and many more.

It has a been a pleasure to work alongside the locals whom our work will be benefitting as well as meeting their families. We also are very grateful for the friends we’ve made in the church and in Los Cocos while helping with bible school for the young children. It is an experience many of us will always cherish. The relationships we made with them we hope to hold onto for many years to come until we are able to hopefully return again.

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