Lessons Learned- August 22, 2012

Buying A Car In A 3rd World Country:

1. If you buy a car in the city it costs more due to city taxes.

2. Toyotas and Hondas cost more. They are built to last and therefore cost more. Their parts are also cheaper to buy and maintenance is cheaper due to the way they are made. If you are going to buy a car 10 years old or older, buy one you see lots of on the streets.

3. If you buy a car from its owner off the streets, you have to take it not only to a mechanic to check out, but also to the police to make sure it is a legal car.

4. When you walk into a car lot and ask to start the car, if they have to bring over a battery to start the car, the car has been there a long time and may not be worth anything close to the asking price.

5. Check for VIN numbers on every piece of the car. Check to make sure the VIN sticker is original and hasn’t been changed out.

6. Knock on all pieces of the car to make sure it has not been hit and filled in.

7. Number of miles on the car doesn’t matter nearly as much as in the states.

8. Make sure the car has not had a propane system installed and removed.

9. Dark windows and extra security systems are better.

10. Check to see if the title and proper documents are included in the price or if you have to hire a lawyer and do it yourself.

11. Take a mechanic with you and have them take it back to their shop to check it over completely.

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