Laying a Solid Foundation

Today was a great experience of partnering with the locals from Cuesta Arena in the beginning stages of foundation and block work for a mission house that will host future mission individuals/teams. On a lot of mission trips we do the work according to how we think it should be done and we most or all of it ourselves. What an awesome experience working side by side with Dominicans and Haitians slinging shovel after shovel of sand, cement, and water to make nice batch of mortar for block to be laid. Carrying block after block, and seeing the walls slowing rising out of the deep trenches that were dug for the footers (foundation), and learning many masonry skills along the way. Led by some of our amazing group of young ladies (Sarah Rosenburg, Arianne Smith, Jocelyn Davidson, and Alex Monaco), the kids made pipecleaner glasses, colored great Mickey Mouse pictures, and played great games full of energy. The kids enthusiasm and excitement keeps you going, even after many hours in the warm sun and a long days worth of work.

Mission trips are not just about building a structure, or passing out medicine, mission trips are about bringing hope and inspiration to those you are serving, isn’t that the example Jesus showed us many times in the scriptures.

written by Andrew Pridgen

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