Kimberly- July 5, 2014- Round Hill

In the last two days I have had a lot of firsts.  The first of these experiences was my first time going through airport security where I was reminded about a few things that I could not take in my carry on and I said a quick goodbye to those items. The second was to fly on a plane and this was not as bad as I thought except for the landing, which I hear takes some getting used to.  The third was converting currency and trying to have a better understanding of exactly how much money I spent.  The fourth new experience was eating fresh mango that came right off the tree and it was delicious!  And lastly, although I am a preacher’s kid, I have participated in many Vacation Bible Schools but this is the first time I didn’t understand what the leaders were saying.

I’ve already learned some things about fellow team members too.  Kim has a birthmark on her knee, it’s not a good idea to sit on Duane’s left side unless you want to have a conversation with yourself, Levi and Kate are dating, be careful around Michael with a pick axe, and Lynn likes Peanut Butter and Cheese sandwiches, not the normal PB&J but she’s not alone as one of our driver requested the same sandwich too!

I am looking forward to many more first time experiences and getting to know my fellow team members better.

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