Kendys- Oct 10, 2015

Christian Center of Formation in Cuesta Arena by Kendys, the teacher
A center dedicated to God for the service of the community currently has the follwing service:
Psychological assistance
Morning classes
Morning tutoring
afternoon tutoring
Sport games
This is being possible thanks to God for his power, greatness, and blessing. To all the missionaries. Since the year 2000, thy have been pushing and collaborating, and with love they are helping this project.
Above all, to Pastora Sairy and Sarah for their vision, dedication, humbleness, and for trusting in God with his manifestation to help others.
It has been an honor for me and a blessing to work side by side with people that God chose to transform people´s hearts to believe in God and through the education we have the develpment and progress in the towns.
God blessing all the missionaries.

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