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What an amazing week it has been! We have been able to see God in beautiful ways. One of the standout times for me was one day at Cuesta Arena when I was sitting with a little girl named Daniela and we were sitting under the roof, with our backs against a pole, sitting closely together. I was looking around, seeing everyone playing soccer and baseball and coloring and so much activity and noise going on and the sky and sun looking so incredibly beautiful… And there I was with Daniela. So much stuff going on around us. But I felt like it was just me and her. And God. When people ask me what worship is like for me, I tell them that it’s the times when there is a ton of stuff going on around me, but I feel like it’s just me and God. And that’s exactly what it felt like at that time. It was me and God and Daniela. And it was good.
I am thanking God for the opportunities we have had this week to offer our gifts and talents and LOVE to the people in the communities of Los Cocos, Cienfuego, Las Saladas, and Cuesta Arena. And we received so much love in return – more than we could ever expect! And the relationships we’ve been able to form (with the people in the communities, with the people of Pastora’s church, with Pastora and her family, with Ali, and Sarah) will definitely be long lasting.
I am thanking God for this chance we’ve had to serve others in a different country and am looking forward to continuing to use our gifts back in Florida (in Jacksonville and in Tallahassee and Lakeland – where our two high school grads are going).
Today was an AMAZING last day at La Playa (the beach) and we are hoping for safe travel as we head back to Jacksonville.

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