June 27, 2009- Saturday

As we come to the end of our week in Cuesta Arena I look back on a week filled with many emotions. As we arrived and the children all were waiting for us and calling us by name my eyes began to weap for joy to return to this small piece of heaven. Jesus said that we should have faith like a child that joyfully wait for the time we spend with them.

As I watched adults and children come to see Dr. Mary with aches and pains of all sorts I so hope in their eyes for a cure to many of their illnesses. Dr Mary tells us that most of their illness comes from the dirty water that they drink and use for bathing. The medical group gave out suitcases of medicine and most of all showed we cared about them and their families.

Today we signed the papers to have the new well drilled next week at a cost of $4,700. On faith we paid the deposit and go home to find the dollars needed for this important project.

Tomorrow I get to meet the Bishop of the DR as he is coming to hear me preach. It is a awesome opportunity to establish a friendship between our two countries. I hope to use it to invite our bishop to visit this wonderful place.

I am filled with joy to be touched so many times by God here. It renews my hope and joy to be here. I hope any who read this will be encouraged to come and find the power of love and joy I have found here in Cuesta Arena.

Jim Rosenburg

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