June 24th 2009- Wednesday

Today we started off the day with 26 people. All three groups were here and it was the Jacksonville group’s last day. We got up very early, had breakfast, and headed out to Cuesta Arena so we could have as much time with the children as possible. Today was also the first day for the medical clinic and the ladies did a great job of setting it up and Dr. Mary saw 20 to 25 people during the time there. During the morning we pulled out the parachute to play with the kids with and they absolutely loved it. We also played Wiki Wiki Wu which is now a definite favorite. The Jacksonville group left around noon and it was sad to see them go. After lunch we played some baseball, painted some of the girl’s nails, and generally tried to stay in the shade. It was the first day it didn’t rain in the afternoon and it was sooo hot. After we left C.A. we stopped by the home depot on steroids here, Ochoa, and the men bought more supplies for the water station and are excited to get started.


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