June 22, 2009- Monday

Today we woke up earlier than all the other days. We had devotions at 730 and breakfast at 800. So we were mostly all tired. We wanted to get to Cuesta Arena Early because we expected it to be the last day with the kids witch was going to be really sad. We have all got so attached to the kids. Luckily we have a late flight back home so we get to go to see the kids early Wednesday morning. Anyway when we got to Cuesta Arena we did not bring out to many toys at first we just talked to the kids in the shade it is very hot. About 10min after getting there a little girl fell and busted her head open so Sarah took her to get stitches, pray it heals ok. Then we got out the lacrosse sticks and tried to teach the kids to play with them, it was the first time they had seen them before. They were so eager to learn how to play it. I was asked to work again on the building that they are building so I did not get to take place in the lacrosse but saw the smiles. After lacrosse we did the normal which is baseball. They are all so good at it. Then we had lunch. After lunch we got all the kids together to do a lesson on God. We had a little girl read in Spanish and two others and I acted as puppets while three of the kids made us do the motions that were needed. It was a neat way to do the lesson. Then we played a tag game called wicky wicky woo. All the kids had a ball playing it. It is too long to explain how to play. Then it came time for us to leave but knowing we were coming back Wednesday made it easy to leave. We went back to where we sleep and took showers and waited for Denvil and Sarah to get back with a new van because we have more people coming in and didn’t have enough seats. When they got back we went to the market to buy something to remind us of being here. Most all of us got something for our parents. We stayed there till it was closing, it was a cool place. But when we left we went to Pastora’s house for another great dinner her mom cooked. Today was very fun and tomorrow we get to go to la(the) playa (Beach) hopefully if its not pouring. -Cody

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