June 20, 2009- Saturday

Today we woke up, had morning devotions and then went to pastoras house to have breakfast. Her mom cooks very well. After we went to cuesta arena to spend time with the kids and spread the word of God. Spending time with the kids really touches my heart. they have so little, yet they give so much love out and even though i dont speak spanish well they still enjoy every second with me. a little boy named jahncito is just atached to me and these little kids just get attatched to the attention given to them. It is truly amazing how they are always smiling with what they have. Many of them come up to me and ask for water and it is so hard to say no to there smiles but we have to. After cuesta arena we went back to pastoras house to have a great dinner and then i played soccer with felize and frank, the pastoras son. those are the highlights of my day and there are more to come in the next 4 days. – cody

What a great day! It is so great watching the youth hangout and play with the kids and work hard and do whatever is asked of them. It makes me smile to see the youth girls getting their hair done by the girls from Cuesta Arena. The guys are all playing baseball and soccer, giving piggy back rides and just hanging out.
To start our day we walked around Cuesta Arena and saw where the kids live. Some families invited us in to sit in their house. We met a lady whose husband had just died in a car accident this past Sunday. She has 3 young kids. I also saw where my friend Alex lives. He helped me video the city of Cuesta Arena as we walked around today. Another group came in today. La Pastora, y Sarah, y Yo went to pick them up. We rented a new van and I am the driver. That is pretty exciting. All in all it was a good day and I am really proud of our young missionaries on this trip. Tonight we practice our singing so we can sing at Sunday morning worship. It feels good to have something to add to the service. Hasta Manana. -Denvil

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