June 18, 2009- Thursday

Today was our first day out and about in the DR. We did this in the same cloths as we wore yesterday due to the wonderful American Airlines. Although the lack of cloths and stuff has been an incovience, it has also been a blessing in many ways as it has forced us to remember that we actually can live without a lot of things! In this spirit we went to go and work in a small community called, Cuesta Arena.
Upon our arrival there were kids to greet us who were anxious to meet us for the first time. Half of us worked on the house that is being built for missionaries and then half of us worked with the children. In our luggage, which is probably still in Miami, is all of our crafts and materials to use with our time with the kids. So, again, we were forced to form relationships without stuff, which is sometimes hard for us Americans. Yet, again, the experience was very impactful. We all were able to bond with the kids and get to know them a bit through games like jump rope and baseball. Many of us have found that we have learned more Spanish in this one day than a whole semester at school!
All in all the day has been wonderful! There is something about being out of your comfort zone and being with people who are completely different than you that brings you closer to God. I think each one of us saw God in different ways today. Whether it be through the smile of, Angel, who seems to need a hug every few minutes, or through the dedication of, Guermo, the community leader who has just accepted Christ and has given his life to the work of the church, we have all seen what Jesus looks like a little bit more clearly than before we got here. God always seems to show up!
Continue to pray for us, that our hearts may be open every moment to the voice of God!livecam kostenlos testen


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