June 14, 2009- Sunday

Wake up thanking the Lord for everything, we had devotions, went to the pastor’s house for breakfast. Then church. Sunday school was great Sarah did the fruit of the spirit and the armor of God, the children loved it and they all participated, you could see the joy on their faces. Church was wonderful even thou the language was hard to understand, we clap and sing and enjoy the Bishop’s sermon on making disciples, looking for God and celebrating his presence. The pastor’s husband, Franscio, took us to lunch. Lunch was great, we went back to the pastor’s house and change our clothes and head to Cuesta Arena, we showed the Bishop the work we are doing and he was very impressed. We played jump rope, base ball, frisbee and the children laughed and played. Shiann, Simone and Sidney laughed and played even thou they do not speak Spanish they had a good time with the others. God brought us back to the pastor’s house safe and sound, we ate and went back to the mission house, bath, pray and bed.. -Pamella

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