June 11, 2009- Thursday

Talk about rain and FUN!!!! We did a lot, the only thing I thought about this trip was boring was this Spanish church that went on about 2 hours and I couldn’t understand one thing they were saying. I had fun writing this blog and another was playing with the kids at Cuesta Arena. I learned how to jump into a jump rope while the rope was turning. We also made butter with cream and salt, it taste like the butter at my house. I made a couple of friends even though I don’t speak Spanish. Later on we went to the pastora’s house and ate dinner it was ssssssssoooooooo good, I ate about four helpings of steak slices . We were going to watch the magic game tonight but then Sarah got tired (which at this moment she doesn’t seem to be tired) then we left her house. So guess what?!?!?!? The power went out while Simone was in the shower and she started to cry and scream her head off!!!! (lol). Everyone ran with flashlight to “rescue” her . Basically today had its ups and downs. -Shiann. age 11

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