June 4, 2017- Church

This morning we gathered together to celebrate Pentecost. We were joined with a group of missionaries from Venezuela. During the Sunday School hour, I went upstairs with the children and saw the “new” tables and chairs that the church purchased after last summer with donated money from missionaries (similar to those in the school). 

During Sunday School, the bus from Cuesta Arena showed up with all the families from Cuesta Arena. Juancito and Heidi sat next to me and it was a joy to share with them the scriptures and to watch them read along. 

At the end of the service, we celebrated Estella and Kendys. Estella for her valiant dreams and persistence (and her 63 birthday) and Kendys for her 5 years of dedication and work in the community. The graduates then performed their dance for the congregation (in their tutus from Traveling Tutus, Inc.) and a group dedicated a special dance to Kendys. It was a beautiful morning, celebrating together.

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