June 3, 2016- Altagracia

For those of you who were here in the summers of 2009-2010, you may remembers a vibrant woman named Altagracia. She has a small house close by the church and those summers she opened her house for us to do VBS for the children in her neighborhood. She loved singing “Caminando en el Luz de Dios.” Starting with those VBS weeks, the church then continued to work throughout the year on Saturdays with bible school.

The first time I ever met her, she was recovering from chemo after surviving breast cancer. She was just that, a survivor. Expecting to visit someone sick and weak, I was overwhelmed by her upbeat attitude, smiles, laughter, but most of all her praise and adoration. She had more faith than anyone I had ever met before. Even in the most trying times, she praise God. That day, she sung and praised louder than any of that were visiting her. A memory embedded in me for times of trial.

Over the years, I have enjoyed my time with Altagracia. When I lived here, I looked forward to Saturday afternoons, where I would go and sit and rock with her on the porch and listen to stories about her life and family. She always made me laugh and spoke earnestly and open about life and lessons learned. Whenever I come visit, I always ask about her and love spending time catching up with her, sitting on the porch rocking.
Yesterday, I arrived to news of her cancer spreading to her bones and throughout her body. Sairy told me “it’s not good”and that all her family is coming in to prepare for her passing. Today we went visit her and once again I was overwhelmed by her upbeat attitude and praises. She was “not good” but greeted me with love, “Sarita”. She was weak and in great pain but is joyful to see her Father. Though her body is weak, her soul is stronger than ever, a true example of her faith. Physically she is in pain but she has great peace and continues to be a “good and faithful servant.”  We will continue to visit her over the next few days, expecting at any minute to get new of her passing. Please lift her and her family up in prayers.

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