June 26, 2014- Kaley- City Beautiful

Que pasa? This phrase has become a part of my daily routine, which I love so much here in the Dominican Republic! Today marks day nine of our work in the Dominican though, and we were lucky enough to mix up our routine today in a way that resulted in more blessings than expected. We started our day off at a special needs orphanage, and although it was hard to take-in during certain moments, the love of God was so clearly present in all of the smiling faces of the children there. We were all filled with so many emotions as smiles wiped across the children’s faces when we hugged them and held their hands. Some of our team was even lucky enough to pray for and be prayed over by the children there!! How cool?! Upon leaving the orphanage we planned on making our way to the market but we ended up leaving the orphanage soon enough to make it to Cuesta Arena in time to get some work and play time in before VBS. When we turned up the street for the school the children had familiar smiles take over their faces as they began to run after the bus to greet us. Some of us began playing with the kids and others began working under a sun that decided to shine a little extra today. It was so encouraging when all of us shoveling began to sing songs together while we worked. Before we knew it, we completed all the construction work that we had for the day (and I think for the rest of the trip)… before lunch! After lunchtime we played with children until it was time to say “hasta mañana” or as we say in America “see you tomorrow”. On the way to VBS I got to ride shotgun for the first time, and I learned the best-kept secret in the DR… there is air conditioning in the front seat of our bus!! At VBS the children were much more engaged today which was so encouraging to see. It’s crazy how God and His love for us affects people in such a short time and in such a visible way. At the end of today’s VBS we all came together to pray for a five year old, Ormiley, who has never been able to walk due to a spinal issue that she was born with. As we all laid hands on her to pray it was so cool to see how loved she felt in that moment, by God, and to see how thankful her mom was. I am so thankful to have had all the experiences I have had thus far and cannot begin to imagine why God chose me to be apart of His work here in the Dominican, but I am so thankful and lucky that He is allowing me to be here.

Xoxo, @kaypinn

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