June 26, 2013- Sandra

Today was the day to see the small and mighty gifts from the Lord.  The contractors delivered 500 cinder blocks to the school at Cuesta Arena along with a dump truck load of sand and load of gravel.  ALL of this is needed on the roof of the school in order to be used to continue building the walls for the second floor of the school.  Today, the mission team formed an assembly line to hand carry the blocks and buckets full of rock to the roof of the school. We were encouraged to have the children working along side of us, and see the excitement in their faces as the walls are beginning to take shape!  Chels prayed for shade and a little rain, and we were blessed to have both during our day!  The older youth participated in a bible study under the tree, reading together, and acting out the story as they learned.

This morning, Sairy hosted her weekly radio broadcast, and asked Sandra to come and talk about “health”.  Daniella was a fantastic translator as we talked about heart disease and the how to reduce your risks for heart attack. Curt shared his talents as well  – singing and playing guitar for the broadcast!  Once again, God finds a way to use even the smallest of our gifts for His glory as long as we are willing.

Vacation bible school at the church was attended by even more children today – despite the rainstorm.  Highlights from VBS today:  the teenager who shared his breakdancing with us, youngsters who are warming up to this group of American strangers, hearing “Ode to Joy” on the recorder (even with just minimal practice), and singing together under the direction of master Jordan!

This has been such a wonderful experience for us all – we have been blessed with no significant illness/injury, a team who genuinely cares for one another and works well together, and gracious hosts.  To our family and friends who are supporting us:  our prayer is that you will continue to lift up the children and families of the community of Cuesta Arena.  They will be forever in our hearts (and perhaps a small child will be in a suitcase or two when we journey home

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