June 25, 2014- Shayna- City Beautiful

This year will be my second year here in DR and it is even more amazing the second time around! Walking into this experience I had an idea of what to expect, however, this year it has inspired me in a whole new way. After I left last year I knew I wanted to come back, so I took a Spanish course this semester so that I can hold a conversation with the beautiful people here and it has helped me so much! I have been able to connect with the community so much more. 
    God is so incredible. I’ve noticed that once you take a leap of faith and go where he has called you, he will open up so many opportunities for you. For instance, while many kids were playing around the school, Lexi and I sat under a tree with a handful of children and we started helping them learn English. Eventually, we were teaching about 15 kids simple phrases and the alphabet in English. It was such a fun experience because you could see how intrigued they were in learning; those are simple things that we tend to take for granted in the states. 
    I love being able to come alongside an awesome team and Dominican workers, then put all of our energy into doing the work of God. Although the lack of sleep is starting to catch up to us, we have been able to always put one hundred percent of ourselves into the day. I feel as though when we are selfless, God will show himself in those times the most. After all, we are called to let go of our ego and reflect his image. An image of love, grace, and mercy. It amazes me how much I see that in the kids and community here. Their love is so real and so deep. They want everyone to be a part of their family and I adore that!
    We are always going to find out new things about ourselves, but I never thought I would ever have the potential to be a doctor. However, today a little boy (Gibby) bumped his head for the third time and he was bleeding pretty badly, so I rushed over to help him. I carried him into the school, while trying to distract him from his pain and bandaged him up. Usually, I would be the last person to be willing to deal with blood, but I feel as though God was wanting to me something new about myself then. 
   The Dominican Republic will always have a sweet part in my heart and I will always consider this one of my homes away from home. Te amo!

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