June 24, 2014- Kenzi- City Beautiful

Hola, Como Estas! Today marks day seven in the DR, and it couldn’t be better. We have such a dynamic team this year and I love every second with them. Coming back for the second time, my prayer for this trip was to have new eyes in seeing the same things in a new and beautiful light. I was slightly worried before we left that I was going to the see the same kids, same sights, and have the same daily routine. Although much of this is true, I have been able to see God work in a new light by giving me new opportunities. Of course, seeing the two kids I fell in love with last year is a beautiful part of my trip and being able to secure that bond with them is something I will cherish forever. However, I’ve opened my heart broader to see what He wants to show me, and have been able to establish more incredible bonds with kids I never had the time to interact with last year. Being here before has also been such a blessing. I am not anxious of what is going to happen, or questioning where everything is or the kid’s names. There is something so glorious in knowing the kids names, their faces light up and you know just how special that is to them. My favorite part of this trip so far is seeing my sweet boy from last year, Angelo. In the past year of being enrolled in the preschool we are working on, he has grown so much. The past summer he would barely talk, and was so shy to speak up or play. Now, he is the liveliest person in VBS, he talks the WHOLE time and I have to tell him to take turns with the other kids. He knows all songs and answers about Jesus, it is truly incredible to see how much he’s grown and I know that is why God brought me back here. I am so happy to experience this trip again and know God has so much more in store for the next week. WOOOOOOO.


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