June 24, 2013- Kenzi

So it has been a week since we arrived in the DR and it feels like we have been here forever, it’s so comfortable here because of all the generous people hosting us, feeding us, and loving us as if we were family. The Dominican culture is so simple but so beautiful. These people are so generous, even when they have nothing. Yesterday and today were so incredible, yesterday we were in Cuesta Arena as always, but it was so hard to leave at the end of the day. These kids have my heart, especially a little Haitian boy named Angelo and an 11-year-old named Juancito. Their smiles are so joyful I honestly can’t stop smiling when I’m near them. These kids are fighting the poverty line, yet they find joy in the simplicity of life. Although is seems to all of us that this community has so little, we are looking at it with the wrong perspective. They might not have any money, or housing with cement floors, or cell phones, but they have their whole family within walking distance, joy that only the Lord can give them, and such a simplistic view of life that they are content with just what he has given them. They truly inspire me. Today, we did work at Cuesta Arena, then played baseball! These kids get so excited about baseball, or anything you will play with them. Then we went to Siri’s church and did vacation bible school. I am amazed at the kid’s excitement to learn, in America kids don’t excited to simply read a book, or go to school.

This country might not be America, but it definitely is magnificent, the landscape is the most incredible I have ever seen. Cuesta Arena, where we are daily has changed me. I came in wanting to change these kid’s lives, but instead they are changing my heart and opening my eyes. You drive on the road to get there, and the kids chase the bus, the second you get off you have kids grabbing onto you like monkeys and just wanting affection. I love it and I love this community. I definitely miss home, but I am dreading leaving already. All in all, we have all loved this experience so far; we have the best team I could possibly imagine. This past week has been so good!

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