June 22, 2014- Nikki- City Beautiful

Hola! I absolutely love it here in the Dominican Republic and am so beyond happy that this is where God has placed me. Everyday I fall more and more in love with it here, the people and places. Since today was Sunday, it was our day off so our day consisted of going to church and going to Cuesta Arena and doing vacation bible school with the kids and just being able to play and love on the kids. I was playing with one of the younger girls named Luz Meri. We were playing superman (I would lift here up with my feet at here stomach and sway her, it was really fun haha) Anyways, every time that she would feel herself fall she would call out for my hand. I was 100% confident that every time she called out, I would catch her and she was confident that I would catch her too. In the same way that I was so confident that I would catch her, we can be confident that God will do the same when we feel like we are falling. Having that moment with Luz Meri made me realize what humility means to me. God is just so good and being on this trip has just completely opened my and heart to so so much. I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for this trip, I am so excited!

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