June 22, 2013- Daniela

Today is our 6th day in this Beautiful country of the Dominican Republic! Sunday morning praise the Lord, as I reflect on these past days I am in awe of how evident it has been that God is here and is working in each and every person in this city. Everyday as we head to cuesta arena and see the bright faces of these incredible kids I cant help but be overcome by gratitude by this experience I am living. Getting to see what love really is, first hand. As we spend more time with the kids in cuesta arena I feel I learn something new everyday. We took a tour of their spectacular town filled with immense beauty of green agriculture and the Joy of the Lord in most of their humble houses. We walked the dirt roads with children surrounding us and shared this walk as they openly and freely invited us in their incredible homes! Little yet perfectly simple, just had what they needed and were thankful of every bit of it. HOW AMAZING THIS WAS FOR US! To see gratitude and so much generosity, it brought me to tears. This is what God is talking to us about!! SIMPLICITY. Its simple, love is simple, true love is simple and pure. Its not complicated yet straight to the point. To love people and to love God. With no restraint what so ever. That’s simple and these Dominicans are the living, breathing proof of this.

Reflecting on what my perception of what this trip was going to be like and thinking that I was going to teach these kids and this town something…I was completely wrong! They have been the ones that have taught us the lessons, the lessons on love, generosity and living just a simply joyous life! Filled with laughter and so much loveJ I am blessed to be here and blessed to call Him the One High above all names and ruler of heaven and earth my Father my God! Amen Hallelujah

Extremely thankful Daniela

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