June 20, 2014- Aubrey- City Beautiful

Well today was grand! I have so enjoyed our time thus far. The Lord is good! He has been kind in so many ways. Our team loves one another truly and that has been beautiful to see. We have already become like a little family unit..parents, you taught us well!
It has been such a joy to see and interact with the community of Cuesta Arena a second time. To recognize faces is such a privilege, it almost feels like a second home. I have loved being able to catch up with the people I met last year, they are all truly incredible and just give and give and give their lives away for the benefit of the community as a whole, especially the children. I have been learning recently that when my son comes that I will truly have to give my life away to help raise him in the way of the Lord. Yet I am learning here even more blatantly the necesity to give everything and serve always in your own community. Theirs here may be smaller, but to see everyone be so present and willing to help has truly inspired me.
Today I had the opportunity to teach one of the adults the English alphabet. It was such a pleasure! It was so affirming to know that my knowledge of how to explain English language concepts in Spanish could help her learn more of what she wanted to know. God has already answered my prayer to be confident in my Spanish skills and to help without reservation.
Thank you all for your prayers and your support to us!  It is an incredible feeling to know that we have people who are behind us and for us in our home country. We love you all dearly!

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