June 2-Kristy

Hasta Luego Cuesta Arena

Today was a mix of doing one of my favorite things and one of the things I hate the most.  One of my favorite things about the DR is going to their church services.  Today we went to Sairy’s church and worshiped with her congregation.  Things I love about their worship:  moving and spirit-filled music, fervent prayer, not understanding the language, but still getting the message, and most importantly the Holy Spirit swirling through the church and touching the hearts of everyone there.  Today Morgan preached in Spanish and also English.  He did an excellent job and we were all very impressed and proud to have our minister represent us in this church.

After church we went out to Cuesta Arena to work on the sidewalk leading up to the school.  It is such a great feeling to pull up to the school and see the work we have accomplished.  Today we dug dirt, leveled the ground, did fill, mixed cement, and poured half of the sidewalk.  Some people might be frustrated that we had to leave before we could get the sidewalk done, but I was glad.  I didn’t want to finish the sidewalk because if we finished the sidewalk then our work there would be done.  By leaving the sidewalk unfinished I know that there is still work to be done and always a need for the mission teams and our work.

So then came one of the things I hate the most, and that is saying goodbye to people. Although we’ve only been with the kids and worked with the adults for a few days we have formed such a deep affection for them.  I will miss the kids’ sweet smiles and shouting “A mi” so I pass them the ball.  I will miss trying to help do construction work and the patient look on the faces of the men who were working with us when I was doing a subpar job.  I will miss the generosity of the people bringing us fruit from their trees.  I will miss everyone being so gracious and thankful for our work.  Today we were saying goodbye to a little piece of our hearts and the only way we can recover that piece is to come back.  So although I shed a tear or two in leaving I know that little piece of my heart in the DR will call me back and I will see them again.

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