June 18, 2013- Shayna

As someone who has never traveled outside of the states it is easy to be humbled by the less fortunate, however while listening to everyone around me it seemed to be a common theme amongst my friends as well. As hard as it seems there is something so special about leaving everything that you have known behind. For example before we boarded the plane we all made sure to upload our last Instagram picture or tweet but once we landed in Santiago, no of that stuff mattered anymore. The bright green trees, the lively people and the insane traffic around us provided all of the entertainment that we needed.  The people providing for us are so friendly and giving… and the food is amazing! I’ll admit that two weeks in a third rural country seemed a bit intimidating at first but the thought of finally becoming a tool in God’s bigger plan immediately comforted me. Even though we were all exhausted from being up all day, the moment we arrived at the school and saw the adorable little kids that stole our hearts on day one, I knew that God was up to something that was bigger than all of us but He wanted us to be a part of. I met this little boy named Alexander, who didn’t say one word to me but I instantly had a bond with him. These kids have nothing but they still seemed to have fun with whatever they did have (like marbles). My dream of being God’s hands and feet on earth is coming true and I can’t wait for what else he has stored for me.

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