Juancito Becomes a Missionary- August 5, 2017

This week we have intentionally spent loving on the youth of Cuesta Arena. Sairy, Kendys and I decided to make this week extra special for Juancito and officially make him a missionary. On Wednesday (Day 1 in Cuesta Arena), Juancito got on the bus and left with the team for the first time. He came back to the city and to eat, sleep, and do everything else the team does once they leave Cuesta Arena.

 Every day has been full of firsts for him. First time to La Sirena, visiting the airport (to pick up Kate), Pastora’s house, the baseball and basketball stadiums, hardware store, plaza for ice cream, and now a concert in the city. He is so great to see him laugh and play with the team, laugh at them at their crazy games like “Amarillo” and beat them in card games (Casino, 3/2). Each morning and night he joins us for devotions, debriefing, prayer. If you have ever traveled to Cuesta Arena, you know Juancito. His sweet demeanor and loving heart shine through even during what must have been difficult times in his life. As I explained to him the first night, he is someone incredibly special and a child of God. Since his mom died a few years ago, he has lived with his aunt, uncle and cousin in Cuesta Arena. The church has provided in his areas of needs to help the family out. We asked him to join this team so that he can experience more of the love the missionaries bring. A love so much bigger than he has ever experienced. It has been fun this week to spend time with him one on one and experience so many things for the first time. As Juancito continues to grow, the church continues to look for opportunities for him to grow and exceed the odds. He loves to go to school and learn and is always there to help. We hope this week has been the first of many experiences that he can experience a love so deep and wide that he can never question his value or worth. Sairy, Kendys and I continue to ponder and think about ways to help Juancito and encourage him to dream. He has so many doors open to him. It is going to be such a blessing to see how God uses him and continues to provide for him in the future.

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