John 21:15-16

One of the things I’m really enjoying about learning Spanish is reading the bible. I have a bilingual bible I’ve had for years and I’ve read the verse in spanish and I’ve read the verses in english. However, this time I’ve read the Spanish with more understanding of the meaning of the words. Not just seeing the english meaning in the words…but new meanings to the verses. I’m sure it is similar to learning Hebrew or Greek and reading the bible with more clarity of the context. It is neat to see how the spanish language interprets the verses.
Tonight I decided to look at the verse in John when Christ asks Peter, do you love me? I has been explained to me that english does a poor job of explaining this passage because we only have one word for love. I was curious what the spanish language said because they have multiple ways to say I love you. When I looked at the passage, I was not surpised but delighted in the passage.
John 21 says Jesus asks “me amas?” Do you love me? and Peter answers “Si Senor, tu sabes que e quiero”. Yes Lord, you know that I want you. Every time Jesus asks me amas and Peter answers te quiero, a weaker form of love. The very last time Jesus asks “me quieres”. Do you want me? The same level that Peter answers. How amazing it is the Jesus comes to us where we are at, even though He can offer us so much more! Just one example of the beauty of the Spanish language.

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