Inspired by Team Members

This past March we had our youngest Renewed Hope missionary, Jac. This amazing kid now has friends in another country and truly spent a week sharing God’s love with them. If his week of handwork and continuous energy isn’t enough to inspire, he and his family handed me an envelop of $350 to take with me when I leave this upcoming Thursday. As Jac and his parents returned home the middle of March, they felt called to find ways to save money so they could donate it to Cuesta Arena. Jac and his brothers decided to no longer purchase lunches during school but to pack their lunches every morning and save the money to donate. In two months the family saved $350 to donate.
It reminds me of another missionary that traveled three years ago and encountered a girl in the community that has dedicated her life to education and set herself apart from the norms of the community. The missionary wanted to provide aid for those in the community that pursue education. Not able to pay for a college tuition herself, she began collecting tabs off aluminum cans and recycling them. Little by little she has collected money in an education fund at her church.
A church, that joined forces with Renewed Hope early on, decided they wanted to partner with us. They are a small church but its members have hearts of servants. The church has brought three teams down over the past five years but more inspiring, they have donated religiously every month $25…even during months they weren’t sure if they had $25 to give.
These inspiring team members caused me to ask the question, what if every Renewed Hope team member gave up eating out, recycled aluminum cans, or designated monthly funds?

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