How Big He Can Be

This past week God has shown me how big He can be, if you let Him. For a year now, I have heard about a ministry in Hato del Yaque, a community close by Cuesta Arena. I was told of amazing things missionaries are doing in this area and the change the community has seen. This past week, we traveled to see what all had been accomplished. The night before our trip, Luis asked me what I envisioned in Cuesta Arena. I explained about not just the school and water project but also about programs for the adults in the community, a church, and a playground. We drove through the small town of Hato del Yaque and arrived at a large building with kids playing outside. Inside we found a large open room used for worship and for feeding, a huge kitchen to feed over 90 children a day, two sleeping quarters with bathrooms for missionaries, and a water filtration system. We then went around back to see all the property that was owned and children playing in a field a block away that they owned as well. Though no were near done, I was overwhelmed by the needs of the community that were being met. Luis looked at me, with his eyes wide open, and said Sarah this is exactly what you want in Cuesta Arena. Seeing Hato del Yaque helped me realize I was not alone nor setting my dreams too high.

There is no doubt that I am stressed about money and financing. I have no idea even how much I need let alone how I will find a way to make ends meet. What I do know, is that I need to be here. The money for the water is in and we have high hopes the school will be opened this fall. This is a job way too big for Sairy to handle on her own with everything else she needs to do as pastor of a church and mother. We looked at cars today and realized I need to find about $9,000 to buy even a small car to get me to and from Cuesta Arena on a daily basis. I have student loans starting in December and bills to figure out. We still have to purchase all the doors and windows, paint the school, buy furniture, curriculum, and classroom supplies and raise the teacher’s salary. I know that at the end of the day God is bigger that any financial needs. I know He has been here before me and desires big things for Cuesta Arena. Through people sharing this vision and many people making whatever contributions they can, God will reveal Himself bigger than we ever could imagine.

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