Holy Week- Wednesday

Thursday’s devotion in my devotion book says it all. Remember the pain and suffering that Jesus endured so that in the midst of your suffering you may understand that Jesus knows and felt your pain.
Last night we had our Wednesday Holy Week service. The jovenes (14-30 year olds) practiced endlessly on numerous presentations. We started with prayer and song, the read Isaiah 53. The first presentation was panomiming. Even though I was there for most of the practices, I can’t begin to explain how powerful it was to see the Via Dolorosa acted out. As the people mocked and cried, Jesus was whipped, struggled with the weight of the cross, and was crucified. After more song and celebration, we had the black light presentation that used words and pictures to highlight the songs. It was a first for the church and very cool to see. Lastly, we celebrated the resurrection of Christ with dancers complete with tamborines and ribbons. The jovenes were amazing, and great in number; almost 20!
It is exciting to be here for Holy Week this year and celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ with people who actually take the time to remember and truly celebrate, not just go to church because its Easter. They come to celebrate a new life, a chance in life, and the glory of Christ. I pray that this Easter, you don’t go through the rutine of Easter, but contemplate the pain and suffering Christ endured because He loves you. He didn’t have to, He is a great and mighty God….its all because He loves you. But because He is great and mighty and poderoso (powerful), Christ the Lord is RISEN!

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