Help Us Finish the School in Cuesta Arena

As many of you know, I graduate in May. Only a few weeks left. Upon graduation, I am planning on dedicating the next year to spending time in Santiago and working in Cuesta Arena to finish the school. We would love to have the school open by the end of summer, but ideally probably the end of 2012. We only need a few pieces left before we can focus on the opening of the school. Sairy has talked with our contractor and given me the following estimates. I would love for churches to partner with us and adopt a piece of the school and help fundraise.
Sairy (and her boys) will be in Florida the first part of July and would love to spend time at your church. We do not know exact dates. We are looking for a weekend soccer camp for Frank to do while he is here and are waiting to purchase tickets around that time. Please look at your church calendars and email me dates you have available for us to come. The boys would also like to go to some of the theme parks so please let me know if you have any connections.
I would also encourage your churches to look at dates over the next year and start planning a trip to help complete the school. We are also looking for new churches to partner with us. We are still waiting on the release of the money for the water project from the Rotary Club but hope that will be released before summer so our June group can help.

Windows- $1040
Doors- $632
Front Door- $264
Finish the Floor- $1684
Bathroom and Plumbing- $790
Paint- $1211

We would also like to begin fundraising for the church to purchase a van. We are anticipating $20,000 to purchase the van….which is only 20 groups renting a van for a week.We have already spent this over the years and know the church could benefit from the use of the van when missionaries are not using it. Please talk with your churches and laypeople and get back with me on how you may be able to help over the next year.

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