God is Good. All the Time

Sairy and the boys have been visiting the States now for just over a week. It has been amazing to see not just one but numerous churches join together in generosity. As I have been working in the Dominican Republic now since 2008, I have seen Christians in the Dominican Republic reach out in hospitality for missionaries. They have opened their homes, their cars, and their lives to help the missionaries serve their country. This past week it has been amazing to see Christians in the States reach out in support of the Pastor and her boys. She says to me each morning how fortunate their family is to be invited to each location and church. In combination of the churches we have visited so far, Renewed Hope Missions has raise over $10,000 for the school. God is good, all the time!

This summer, God really showed me the need for me to move to the Dominican Republic to help Sairy with the water project as well as the opening of the school. With each day that, it felt like the number grew as to the amount of money needed to complete the school and for me to raise as a missionary to be able to afford to spend a year in the Dominican Republic. I have been overwhelmed with the generosity and blessing the many supporting churches has shown the mission. It reassures me that I am not alone and that there are others that care about the people of Cuesta Arena. We still have lots more money to raise but I am confident that God will provide.

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