Garrett Jones: June 20th 2012

It is our last night here in the Dominican Republic and I can”t believe it’s over already! So much has happened I can’t wrap it all into this entry. It’s been a truly remarkable time here in this country and I am extremely blessed that I’ve had this opportunity to live in community with some of my closest friends as we’ve worked and served alongside one another! In reality I was very close to letting the opportunity to come on this trip pass me by. But day on the very first day I was reassured that the sacrifice made to come here would be completely dwarfed in comparison to the joy it has been working and playing with the children in Cuesta Arena, Los Cocos and the other towns were we have been able to serve. Yesterday was our last day in Cuesta Arena which is where I found so many of my favorite memories this week! A place that felt so strangely out of place in my day to day life when we first arrived there that had since become like home. It’s where I met Jasmine and Annajeli two adorable little girls that stole my heart. I spent countless hours with them playing games them and even spent some time teaching Jasmine (the older of the two) how to write her name. After a week of laying the foundation on the school and building some unforgettable relationships its was time to say adios. Goodbyes were sad but in good spirit with hopes of a return visit in the years to come and hope for more building projects to come. Back to today we spend our time in the beauty that God has made on a simply stunning beach 2 hours outside of Santiago where our great friend and brother Chad was Baptized! It has been fantastic to watch the transformation in all of the members of our group! Now back at the casa winding down after dinner all I can think of is how grateful I am for Gods provision and protection and the numerous experiences I’ve been able to have over the course of this trip though I will miss my family in Santiago and Cuesta Arena they will never be far from our hearts! And To My Family At Home In America THANK YOU From The Bottom Of My Heart For All Of Your Support!

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