Gail Allcock- February 2013 trip

Renewed Hope! Thank you,Lord!

Today, I returned to my church, Hope Ridge, with a heart full of love
and excitement to share my experiences of my trip to Santiago. Our
team has been going for 13 yrs., devoted and dedicated on every level
to Pastora Sairy, building of the  church and ministering with her to
the needs of the  members/sister communities.   After retiring from a
30 yr. teaching career I was able to join in on this ministry of love
two years in a row.

The members of the Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana  continued to make me
feel welcome, appreciated, cared for and loved. This  year we helped
to repaint the church  with the members and observed their love, pride
and dedication in keeping the church looking it’s best.

Last year, we spent time in Cuesta Arena playing with the children,
visiting homes, and delivering beans/rice to the families. This year,
I was overwhelmed with God’s miracles when we visited the preschoolers
in their new school happily engaged in learning activities,  focused,
and well disciplined.  They performed songs for us, as well as a play
showing us the history of their village.
I was so excited to see all the learning opportunities that are being
offered and know they will be transferred to their families.

Kendys, a master teacher, is a blessing and and gift to the  children
and their families.  She and Sarah are an outstanding team in their
desire to prepare the Cuesta Arena children for life, by loving and
knowing The Lord, learning skills that will help them in the public
school and understanding how to respect and care for themselves.  I
pray missionary monies will continue to help support this blessed
opportunity for the children.

I had hoped to see the water filtration project completed and working,
but feel encouraged that the problems that are preventing that goal,
are being addressed and working towards a solution.

Another experience that touched my heart was  seeing Pastor Pablo
Ureña’s school in Santa Lucia, built next to the city dump, Cien
Fuegos, 100 Fires, actively educating the 316 children that attend.
The children are learning to be spiritual, respectful, knowledgeable,
disciplined and healthy. The love for The Lord and learning are
evident in every corner of the school. Plans are being made for the
future with classrooms being built to teach careers in agriculture,
computers, sewing, etc.

Of all my experiences this mission trip, my favorite was meeting and
working with Sarah Rosenburg the founder and director of Renewed Hope
Her passion, talents, devotion and love for the Dominican people are
evident in everything she does.  I admire her ability to work with
everyone, understand/express the Dominican ideals,  honor The Lord and
achieve great things.

I thank The Lord for this experience and especially for the
outstanding missionaries I met and worked with. God bless one and all!

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