Gabriela Carmo June 17, 2012

Well for starters, I would have to say that this time I’ve been spending in the Dominican has far surpassed my expectations. I heard many stories of the children and of the people but nothing prepared could prepare my heart for the love and connection I would have for this country.  I am infinitely thankful for the time I’m spending here and for all of those making this trip the best it can be. Now for the events of the day. This morning, we were blessed with the opportunity to attend La Iglesia Evangelica Dominicana, where we experience the beauty of the unity of the Church. After helping out in sunday school, we went to the main service and were showered with love and kindness, all the while, expressing our own gratitude through song, dance and speech. After a few change of plans, due to flooded bus and bad weather, we spent most of the afternoon resting at Pastor Sairy’s house, getting to know the family, and enjoying our free time. Honestly, I enjoyed that time very much, regardless of what we did, we just enjoyed each others company, in any way we could. Afterwards, we got to walk around the community around the Church and invite kids to VBS; it was a short walk but getting to know the community is priceless regardless of how long we do it. Finally, we ended our night with a more than competitive game of basketball; our boys played hard, and our girls cheered as well, but, unfortunately, we lost the game. But certainly, the best part of playing with the Dominicans was the fact that we could pray with them afterwards; it was cool to interact with the youth since most of our time is spent with children. So all in all, I would have to say we had quite a successful day. The Dominican people continue to amaze me, and my love for them is growing stronger day by day.

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