Friday June 26 2009

Today the Gainesville group got up early with Sarah and Bill and headed to the airport. It was awesome to have them with us and it was sad to say goodbye. The rest of us got up and had devotions. I was able to share a little bit of my recent testimony. I love when I have the opportunity to do this because it reminds me of how blessed I really am and how God truly is a great provider. Once Sarah and Bill arrived back at La Islita we headed to Pastora’s house to scarf down our breakfast and head out to Cuesta Arena. We arrived out there a little after 10:00 and started setting up the clinic, playing with the kids, and working on the Mission house. It was a beautiful, hot day and there was a refreshing breeze. The group continued serving until lunch time. After my last bite of my triple decker PB&J it was back to playing various games all of which required that I be a ‘caballita’, or ‘horsey’. The girls also set up a little hair salon. I must say we had some pretty sweet hairdos. We all had had several pony tails in our hair, accompanied by brightly colored butterfly clips. After a long day of piggy back rides and agressive hair styling, I need an intense full body massage. Today a little girl named Madeline saw Dr. Mary because she cut her foot open when she jumped into the river. Dr. Mary wrapped her foot up and I carried her back to her house. The main problem that the clinic is encountering is hot feet, and it’s because they don’t have shoes. So all in all the clinic going extremely well and the house construction is progressing. We left Cuesta Arena at around 4:00 and headed for the Mercado. We all got some serious shopping done. It was sad to say goodbye to Samuel(the owner of the shop) because it was our last time going there on this trip. After this we drove to the monument. The group walked around and saw the beautiful view while Frank and I slid down the side of the stairs. That was fun but the walk back up was a little difficult. We just finished an amazing Spaghetti dinner with my favorite fried plantains. I couldn’t have asked for a more blessed day. God is alive here in the Dominican and I am constantly reminded that He is mighty to save. There are three days left in my three week trip and I can not believe how fast it all has passed by me. God has shown me so much through this time and I treasure all that He has revealed.

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