Fishers of Men

As always, the music on Sundays makes you move and sing but one of my favorite parts of worship is in the voice of a child. This morning I had the privilege of sitting next to Juan Manuel and Wendy’s son, Miguel as he sang and danced and at times played the “air drums.”
Sairy preached this morning on the calling of the disciples, specifically the ones who were fisherman. We borrowed nets from Herman to decorate the church. Sairy and I quickly learned that between her seminary expertise and my newly earned masters degree, we were not smart enough to even unfold the nets, let alone fish with them. This may be why Jesus called us to be fishers of men. The Bible is a little easier to open. However, as Sairy pointed out, the skills of patience, understanding, and dedication are the same as a fisherman.
On Friday in Los Cocos, there were two people that dedicated their lives to Christ. This Sunday, a young man from Los Cocos was at church and dedicated his son. It was amazing to be apart of the work being done within just one family in the church. As God continues to move, I am constantly in awe of his glory.

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