February 26, 2013- I bought a cat!!

I have yet another interesting story for, what Sairy calls, “the book I am writing.” This morning I got up and drove to the church to meet Kendys at 730am to drive to Cuesta Arena. When I got to the church, I waited patiently outside for her to arrive. My friend, the guy who owns the business across the street from the church, told me that my front tire was low. I didn’t think too much about it, just figured it was low. At 745am I called Kendys wondering where she was, to find out she had taken public transportation because she didn’t know I was coming. I knew I could not drive to Cuesta Arena by myself so I decided to drive back to the house to pick up Henry to go with me. As I began driving back to the house, a couple of different people told me that my tire was flat. Too afraid to stop by myself, I decided to drive back to the house with the flat tire. I know it is not good for the tire, but it is too dangerous for a white, blonde haired, blue eyed girl to stop alone on the side of the road. I clearly made the right decision. When I got back to the house, Sairy had Aneury help me out. We got the spare off the back of the car only to find out there was no jack in my car. I would have never been able to get my tire changed anyway.

I ran and got Sairy’s keys to use her jack and gave them to Aneury.¬†Aneury asked me, straight face, “Que dijo Sairy sobre su gato?” (What did Sairy say about her cat?) I thought surely I miss heard so I asked him to repeat, “Sairy guarda un gato un su coche?” (Does Sairy keep a cat in her car?) At this point I was completely confused and apparently Aneury could see it all over my face. He asked me if I knew what the device was called to jack up the car. He told me it was called a “gato,” which for anyone that has ever taken any spanish means cat. And anyone that has ever known Aneury knows he is a jokester and I have therefore learned never to believe anything he tells me. I actually told him this last night due to something else he told me. He got a good laugh out of the fact that I didn’t believe him. We finally confirmed with with Sairy that it is really called a “gato”. It then became a joke and we called it a gato morado (due to the Brown Bear, Brown Bear book that Felix used to read in which there is a purple cat) that I needed to buy a cat to keep in my car.

Later today, Aneury and I drove to the mechanic to pick up my new cat so I can keep it my car. I hope that I do not have to use my new cat to jack up my car but just in case, I will keep my new gato morado (purple cat) in my car.

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