February 18, 2013- Samantha Keller

image-040Hola, everyone!  Today was a little different than the past few days, because I got up and curled my hair instead of just pulling it up in a ponytail and I got to put on a dress.  I looked like a girl for a change! Haha.  We had the most wonderful time at church today.  The church was decorated for Valentine’s Day and it was beautiful.  Everyone greeted us as soon as we walked in with hugs and kisses.  It was so good to see friends I made here when I was here in the DR in 2008 and 2009.  The girl I had been paired with as “Friends” the last two times I was here gave me the biggest hug.  It was so nice.  Her family remembered me too.  You could see their love for me.  I felt the exact same way about them.  The changes the Lord has made in them are very clear.  Now they are leaders in their church in their village.  When I left, they were walking forward at the church service to accept God!  Funny to think that all you have to do is say yes to the Lord and your life will change forever.  The service today was so nice.  The children of the church danced for us and our own Bob Lacey played the flute.  One of the other Missionaries I am with is Pastor Jerry Rojas.  He gave the message.  You won’t believe this, but the message was about “Mashed Potatoes.”  I’ll have to tell you how that relates to God some other time.  The main thing you should know about his message was that we all need to put our differences aside, no matter what they are, and love each other as God loves us.  He did a wonderful job and I know his words made a lot of people think.  You can’t be at this church in the DR without feeling the love and excitement that the people here feel about their church, the Pastora, the Missionaries, each other, and most importantly- GOD.  Sometimes all we know is what is directly around us, but there is so much more in this world if you just take the time to look.  I am so blessed to just be here!  Talk to you all soon.

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