Feb 8

Today started out a little rough. I woke up this morning with stomach pains and immediately took the beloved Cipro. Even with as bad as I felt, I couldn’t stay around the house. We made 300 sandwiches (well they did while I lay in the fetal position) and took them out to Santa Lousia, formerly Cien Fuego. We spent the day with the children there then headed to Los Cocos where we passed out the rest of the sandwiches and sung songs. They loved the puppets and we left two there for a very excited Wendy to use with the children. It was great to be with them and celebrate!! Though I still don’t feel up to par, I found the engergy to play with the children in Los Cocos. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel a little better. I’m going to try some rice at dinner and see if I can keep it. Hope all is well in the states!

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