Feb 3

The church is beautiful!! So much has happend in the past few months. The outside is painted and everything is finishing up. I have uploaded pictures to my facebook account. We painted the exterior fence and did half of the electrical work on the second floor. They are expecting over 400 in worship on Sunday for the big celebration. It is fun to be here with other groups and hear the decade worth of stories each has to share about their experiences. Looks like I may be going to Haiti the end of Feb with Kim and Damon and Pastora to help with a medical team coming in to go to Puerta-au-Prince. Luckily I brought my shot records with me!! I’ll explain more when I know more. Keep us all in your prayers. The celebration starts Friday night and will continue through Sunday. I think everyone in the country is coming to see the impossible church celebrate the possibilities that God has provided.

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