Feb 24

Last night I went with Kim and 2 other female missionaries to the mall to see a movie. We saw Did You Hear about the Morgans? Surprisingly it was in english. Apparently most are with spanish subtitles. No wonder the movies aren’t the thing to do around here!!
Today we went by the church to check on the work. They put in new windows inside to help with the traffic noise and so no one can see inside the church from the outside door. They also were putting up the new fence. Around most of the church was a metal fence that was put up…before me. The rest was a chain link fence. They were replacing the chain link fence with a matching metal fence and adding some more metal to the old fence. As it is right now, people can apparently fit through the fence (someone smaller than me!) so these new bars will make the fence more secure.
We also went by and got my malaria meds. It was quite a dominican experience. We walked into the clinic, walked up the stairs to the doctor who is friends with the pastor. This is the same clinic the April medical trip donated the rest of their supplies to and the same clinic we gave the birthing kits to this summer. We walked into her office and she handed the pastor 2 folded pieces of paper. Inside each was 9 pills and instructions written on another piece. She explained to me how to take it and that was it!! I now have my pills (wrapped in the paper) to protect against malaria in Haiti!! It would never be this way in the states!

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