Feb 23

Yesterday we watch Susana and Nancy get on the plane to head back to freezing Ohio. It was fun hanging out and going on adventures with them. I was able to do so much that I had wanted to do but the pastor didn’t have time to do and I couldn’t take a mission group on. Yesterday was supposed to be a day of rest for the pastor but she ended up working most of the day! I’m not really sure what happend to the morning but the afternoon we ran errands and fixed the alarm on the church….well met the guy that fixed the alarm on the church. Last night, we took Felix, Roberto (the boy from downstairs), and Luis to the fair by the monument. The boys had so much fun! Felix said, this was the best time of his life!! I’m hoping to get him to video blog with me tonight about it. Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead. We did go to the mall after for ice cream, unfortunatley my Baskin Robins Love Potion is gone until next Feb. I will have to wait patiently for its return. I got the always faithful yoguart with mixed berries and oreos…I know anyone that has had it is now salivating just at the thought of it….hurry back!
Today we met the window guys at the church. The looked and the upstairs windows and are putting in windows in the walkway downstairs. I did have my camera so I will post those pictures online. They help tremedously with the noise of the street. We also learned that this past Sunday at the Carnival, 5 people died. The city thrives off the Carnival but it is so dangerous. This weekend is supposed to be the “best” of all the weekends with the grand finally. Luckily I will be in Haiti for the momentous occation.
My online Human Biology class has turned to a chemistry class so I am slightly struggling. This week’s reading is about 100 pages long and I need to take the vocab and context quizes before I leave on Friday! Hopefully I can get it done. This afternoon, we are going to track down the office for Children International. Some of the children in Cuesta Arena are Children International students which affects what we want to do with the school. I have been told by CI that they have enough projects but I would like to talk in person with someone. The school may be years away but as soon as the house is done, I would like to start even on a small scale with the children who can’t walk the hour to school. Hopefully this week, we can go and see the school they are attending and spend a day in the class with them. Check in with the video blogg later today. Hopefully Felix will join me. I’ve been encouraging his english which he doesn’t like to speak.

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