Feb 21- Santo Domingo

Friday afternoon we left for Bani, just east of Santo Domingo, for the Iglesia Evangelical Dominicana Church. All of the pastors from all the churches in the country were present. We had to travel through Santo Domingo, which was a bit confusing, but we eventually found our way to the rustic camp. We celebrated the vote of Conquo as the new bishop. It was neat to be there with all the pastors and meet pastors from all over the country. Friday night we drove back to Santo Domingo to spend the night at a hotel. Saturday we spent the day with Nancy and Sue’s friend Moreno’s sister and neice and nephew. We took them to lunch and out to get some groceries. We then returned to the hotel for another night in Santo Domingo. Sunday morning, Susana and I decided to try a new route through the city of Santo Domingo to head back to Bani for the closing service, however, after driving for over an hour, we still weren’t even out of the city. We were incredibly late and learned that in Santo Domingo you must drive completely west to go to Bani which is east of Santo Domingo. We ended up back at the hotel and never made it out of Santo Domingo. We decided by the time we got to Bani the service would be over so we ate lunch and headed back to Santiago. It was a great weekend. We wish we could have spent more time at the conference with the pastors but were happy for the time we spent. We were definately greatful for safe travels and no flat tires! Nancy and Sue leave tomorrow morning and I will then move in with the pastor.

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